Jul 31, 2023

Q&A Chatbot for the Langfuse Docs

Summary of how we've built a Q&A chatbot for the Langfuse docs and how Langfuse helps us to improve it

We've built a new Q&A chatbot to help users find the right information in the Langfuse docs. In this post, I'll briefly summarize how we've built it and how we use Langfuse to monitor and improve it.

Update: All Langfuse Cloud users now have view-only access to this project. View live demo to explore it yourself.


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⚠️ Warning: Do not enter sensitive information. All chat messages can be viewed in the public demo project. Responses may be inaccurate. Please check the documentation for details or reach out to us via the chat widget.


Technologies used


All of the code is open source and available on GitHub in the langfuse-docs (opens in a new tab) repo. Relevant files:

        • generate_embeddings.yml
              • index.tsx
              • qa-chatbot.ts
              • qa-chatbot.mdx
        • Langfuse

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          Usage reporting

          The reporting helps us to:

          • Monitor usage (cost control)
          • Understand what new users of Langfuse want to know which helps us to improve the docs
          • Track latency, quality (based on user feedback) and OpenAI errors

          Usage reporting in Langfuse


          Each response is based on the following steps which can go wrong, be slow or expensive:

          1. Embedding of user request
          2. Embedding similarity search in Postgres
          3. Summary of docs as markdown
          4. Generation of response based on retrieved context and chat history

          This is how a single trace looks like in Langfuse:

          Trace in Langfuse

          User feedback collection

          In this example, we can see how we do:

          1. Collection of feedback using the Langfuse Web SDK

            Negative, Langchain not included in response

          2. Browsing of feedback
          3. Identification of the root cause of the low-quality response

            Docs on Langchain integration are not included in embedding similarity search

          User feedback collection in Langfuse

          Why build this?

          A user was surprised when I (a human) answered his/her question. It's 2023, a bot was expected. As we added a lot to the docs over the last days, building a retrieval-based chatbot finally made sense to help users explore the project. Also, I love to have an additional production app to dogfood new Langfuse features and demonstrate how Langfuse can be used.

          User requesting chatbot

          Get in touch

          We're super excited to offer users of the Langfuse docs a faster way to find the right information and dogfood Langfuse to monitor it. Check out the repo (opens in a new tab) for all backend and frontend code including the integration with Langfuse.

          If you have any questions, join the Discord or reach out to me on Twitter (opens in a new tab).

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