Langfuse is open source and we want to be fully transparent what we're working on and what's next. This roadmap is a living document and we'll update it as we make progress.

Your feedback is highly appreciated

  • Feel like something is missing? Add new ideas on GitHub or vote on existing ones. Both are a great way to contribute to Langfuse and help us understand what is important to you.

🚀 Released

10 most recent changelog items:

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🧪 Pre-release

Please reach out if you are interested in testing these features before they are released to provide feedback and help shape the future of Langfuse: [email protected].

🚧 In progress

  • Manual evaluations in Langfuse UI along multiple dimensions, currently only a single dimension is supported
  • Improved datasets UI/UX
  • Prompt playground connected to datasets and prompt management
  • Infrastructure: queued ingestion to handle large and spiky loads on small instances
  • Improved tables across the Langfuse UI to display all relevant information and be more user-friendly
  • Move to SDK references generated from docstrings to improve the developer experience (Intellisense) and reduce the risk of errors
  • SOC2 (Type 2) certification for Langfuse Cloud

🔮 Planned

  • Datasets: make them usable in CI (e.g GitHub Actions)
  • Prompt management: multiple environments, comments on versions
  • Infrastructure: add OLAP database for faster analytical queries

⚠️ Upcoming breaking changes

  • OpenAI integration, dropping support of openai < 1.0.0 to greatly simplify the integration and improve the developer experience of everyone on openai >= 1
  • Self-hosting: langfuse will move from a single container to a multi-container setup (queues, async worker, OLAP database) to improve scalability and reliability. We will publish an extensive guide once the changes are in pre-release to help everyone migrate.

🙏 Feature requests and bug reports

The best way to support Langfuse is to share your feedback, report bugs, and upvote on ideas suggested by others.

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