Langfuse is open source and we want to be fully transparent what we're working on and what's next. This roadmap is a living document and we'll update it as we make progress.

Your feedback is highly appreciated Feel like something is missing? Add new ideas on GitHub or vote on existing ones. Both are a great way to contribute to Langfuse and help us understand what is important to you.


Want to learn more about Langfuse's vision and next steps? Check out the blog post introducing Langfuse 2.0 and the recording of our townhall (opens in a new tab) during launch week.

🚀 Released

10 most recent changelog items:

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🚧 In progress

  • Langfuse v3.0: preparing Langfuse for the next level of scale using an OLAP database, a queue and another container. Parts of it are already available in Langfuse Cloud and once migration is complete, self-hosting will be upgraded as well. Learn more in this GitHub Discussion (opens in a new tab).
  • Introduce Organizations to user data model to allow for better sharing of projects, fully self-serve upgrading and better permissioning
  • Export traces and sessions from Langfuse dashboard (CSV, JSON)
  • Performance improvements across the Langfuse UI to make it faster and more responsive for large projects.
  • Improved tables across the Langfuse UI to display all relevant information and be more user-friendly.
  • Move to SDK references generated from docstrings to improve the developer experience (Intellisense) and reduce the risk of errors.

🔮 Planned

  • Webhooks to subscribe to changes within your Langfuse project.
  • Datasets: make them usable in CI (e.g GitHub Actions).
  • Comments on prompt versions.
  • Improved datasets UI/UX.
  • Improve Onboarding Experience
  • Comments on traces, sessions, prompts within the Langfuse UI.
  • Annotation queue to assign annotations to team members.
  • Add non-LLM evaluators to online evaluation within Langfuse UI.
  • Revamped context-aware JS integration to to remove the need for nesting of tracing calls, similar to Python decorator.
  • Support for multi-modal traces.

⚠️ Upcoming breaking changes

  • Self-hosting: Langfuse v3.0 will add additional containers and database for improve scalability. Learn more in this GitHub Discussion (opens in a new tab). We will provide a migration path. Scheduled for May/June 2024.
  • OpenAI integration, dropping support of openai < 1.0.0 to greatly simplify the integration and improve the developer experience of everyone on openai >= 1. No timeline on this yet as many libraries still depend on the old version.

🙏 Feature requests and bug reports

The best way to support Langfuse is to share your feedback, report bugs, and upvote on ideas suggested by others.

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