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Langfuse is an open-source project and we are building in public. We love feedback as the project and space develops quickly. We strive to offer comprehensive information and support through public, indexed, and searchable channels. If your request is not sensitive, please consider using one of the public channels.

Public channels (preferred)

  • Our documentation is the best place to start looking for answers. It is comprehensive, and we invest significant time in maintaining it. You can also suggest edits to the docs via GitHub.
  • Public Q&A on GitHub Discussions.
  • Feature Requests on GitHub Discussions.
  • Bug reports on GitHub Issues.

Community channels

  • Discord: Over 1,000 users are on our Discord Server. It's a great place to ask questions, share your projects, and get to know and get help from other Langfuse users.

Private channels

For more sensitive or private matters, you can reach out to us directly. Please consider the public channels first, as they are more efficient for everyone.

  • Chat Widget (bottom right) on docs and Langfuse Cloud
  • Email via [email protected]
  • Schedule a Call with one of the founders for sales or partnerships inquiries. Please provide a little context about why you'd like to speak.
  • Pro/Teams plan users: private Slack Connect channel with the Langfuse team. Request an invite via email/chat.

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