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January 3, 2024

Prompt Management

Picture Max DeichmannMax Deichmann

Manage, version and deploy prompts from within Langfuse.

The Langfuse team kicked off the new year right by quietly (opens in a new tab) releasing a big one: you can now manage prompts from within Langfuse.

Prompts are naturally important when working with LLMs. They may even be your secret sauce. It is essential to keep them versioned, safe, and neatly organized. You can now do this from within Langfuse. It’s a great way to collaborate and iterate on prompts with co-workers, directly from the Langfuse UI. It also adds a ton of useful version data for analysis.

Here’s what it looks like. You create prompts from the Langfuse UI or our SDK, promote them to production and voilá, simply pull them in your application through:


🕹️ Give it a spin

Head over to our docs to learn more and get started. Alternatively, see a live demo since we use Langfuse Prompt Management to build a demo project that is integrated with Langfuse.

If you have any feedback, do get in touch on Discord.

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