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April 22, 2024 | Launch Week 1 🚀

PostHog integration

Picture Marc KlingenMarc Klingen

We teamed up with PostHog to integrate LLM-related product metrics into your existing PostHog dashboards.

On day 1 of Langfuse Launch Week 1, we roll out this integration in public beta on Langfuse cloud. You can configure it within your project settings. When activated, Langfuse sends metrics related to traces, generations, and scores to PostHog. You can then build custom dashboards to visualize the data or use the LLM Analytics dashboard template to get started quickly.

This integration makes it easy to combine your regular product analytics with the LLM-specific metrics that Langfuse generates. This way, you can answer questions like:

  • "Are my most active users also the ones who are most engaged with my LLM content?"
  • "Does interacting with the LLM feature relate to higher retention rates?"
  • "How does the LLM feature impact my conversion rates?"
  • "Does the user feedback that I capture in Langfuse correlate with the user behavior that I see in PostHog?"

See video below for a quick overview of the integration:

PostHog Integration

While in closed-beta, this integration was super popular among our early adopters. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, and thanks to James, Tim, and Lior from PostHog for the awesome collaboration 🙏.

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