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May 7, 2024

Prompt management REST API and deployment labels

Picture Hassieb PakzadHassieb Pakzad

Manage prompts via the REST API and add labels to deploy prompts to different environments.

REST API for prompt management

We revamped the API for prompt management to allow you to fully manage prompts via the REST API. You can now fetch, create, update, and delete prompts programmatically.

New endpoints (API reference (opens in a new tab)):

  • GET /api/public/v2/prompts
  • GET /api/public/v2/prompts/{promptName}
  • POST /api/public/v2/prompts

Deployment labels for prompts

Deployment labels

You can now add labels to prompts to deploy different versions to different environments. Thereby, you can manage the lifecycle of prompts across different environments, such as development, staging, and production. The latest version is always available under the latest label for local development and testing.

See prompt management docs for more details.

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