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February 20, 2024

Store additional structured data in Langfuse Prompt Management

Picture Richard KrümmelRichard Krümmel
Store additional structured data in Langfuse Prompt Management

Version control model names, model parameters, and additional json data in Langfuse Prompt Management.

Previously, prompts in Langfuse only consisted of strings with {{variables}}. However, when using LLMs in an application/chain, there are many other parameters and data that are associated with the prompt that would benefit from being managed in Langfuse Prompt Management.

We added the config attribute to prompts to store all of this extra structured data associated with the prompt. It is versioned together with the prompt and can be set/updated in the same way as the prompt string.

Examples of use cases:

  • Model name
  • Model parameters, such as temperature, top_p, max_tokens, etc.
  • Function/tool parameters
  • JSON schemas

See prompt management docs for more details.


We've added two example cookbooks that demonstrate how to use the config attribute:

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