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March 5, 2024

Uptrain.ai integration (cookbook)

Picture Clemens RawertClemens Rawert
Uptrain.ai integration (cookbook)

Langfuse adds >20 open source evaluators through cookbook integration with open source project and fellow Y Combinator startup UpTrain.ai


Trace your application with Langfuse

Use any Langfuse integration.

Pull (a sample) via our Python SDK

Define which traces/LLM-calls you want to evaluate and pull them via our Python SDK.

Run Uptrain OSS evals

You can find the complete list of UpTrain evals here (opens in a new tab).

Log scores to Langfuse

Use Langfuse Scores to track the eval results in Langfuse.

We have set up an end-to-end cookbook which makes evaluating your traces with UpTrain happen in a jiffy:

Sneak peak

We are currently working on an evaluation service to automatically score all incoming observations by running custom evaluation templates. Ping us if you want to be among the first to try it: [email protected]

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