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May 14, 2024

Playground and evaluations with GPT-4o

Picture Hassieb PakzadHassieb Pakzad

Experiment with OpenAI GPT-4o in the playground and use it to power evaluations

OpenAI has delighted many developers with the release of GPT-4o (opens in a new tab). The new model comes at improved performance, lower costs, greater speed, and more generous rate limits.

We see many users in the Langfuse community excited about the new model so we are happy to announce that we have added day-1 support for GPT-4o in the Langfuse LLM playground and evaluations. We already support cost and usage tracking for the GPT-4o.

Start experimenting with GPT-4o now in the LLM playground and use the improved and cost effective model to power your evaluations 🥳

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