Inviting co-workers to Langfuse

Inviting co-workers to your Langfuse Project

How do I invite someone to a Langfuse Project?

Head to your Project's settings and click the 'add a new member' button under the heading 'Project Members'. Enter the email address that your co-workers use in Langfuse. You can find more information about adding users to a project here.

I cannot join a Langfuse project

Are you on the correct Langfuse tenant? (EU/US?)

We run Langfuse in two data regions. In the European Union and the USA (opens in a new tab). Make sure that you are logged into the data region that you have created your project in. You can select the data region during log-in. You can also see it in the URL bar (cloud.langfuse.com = EU and us.cloud.langfuse.com = USA)

Find out more about Langfuse Cloud Data Regions.

Are you using the correct email address?

If you have been invited to a project, make sure you are logging in with the exact email address that this invite has gone out to. If you log in with SSO (e.g. GitHub or Google), your email address might be different from what you expected.

If you click your name in the bottom left of the Langfuse UI, you will see the email address we have on record for you.

Are you the project owner?

If someone else in your organization created the project, ask them to re-invite you (to your Langfuse project).

Access Roles in Langfuse

What types of access can I grant to data in Langfuse?

The basic roles for granting access in Langfuse are: Owner, Admin, Member and Viewer. You can see the specific access rights granted to each role in the Langfuse roles and rbac documentation.

If you require custom access roles, these are available both in Cloud and Self-Hosted in Langfuse Enterprise plans. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

More about Role-Based-Access Controls (RBAC) in Langfuse

Head to the docs to find out more about role based access controls in Langfuse.

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