Langfuse is open-source and data tracked with Langfuse is open. You can easily trace your application, collect user feedback, and then use the data to fine-tune a model for your specific use case.

Export generations

The generations table in Langfuse allows you to export all LLM calls recorded with Langfuse. All filters applied to the table will be applied to the export, thus, you can e.g. filter for a specific model or minimum evaluation threshold and then export the generations.

Available export formats:

  • CSV
  • JSON

Download generations in Langfuse UI


All data collected in Langfuse is also available programmatically via the API and SDKs (Python, JS/TS). Refer to the API reference (opens in a new tab) and tracing docs (query traces) for more information.

Trouble exporting?

If you're having trouble exporting data, please let us know and we'll help you out.

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