Flowise Integration

Flowise (GitHub (opens in a new tab)) is a no-code builder to build your customized LLM flows with a drag&drop editor.

With the native integration, you can use Flowise to quickly create complex LLM applications in no-code and then use Langfuse to monitor and improve them.

The integration supports all use cases of Flowise, including: interactively in the UI, API, and embeds.


Obtain Langfuse API keys

  1. Create account and project on (opens in a new tab)
  2. Copy API keys for your project

Run Flowise

# install
npm install -g flowise
# start
npx flowise start

Add Langfuse

Add Langfuse chatflow analysis

Optionally add release to tag the current version of the flow. Changing the other options is commonly not needed.

Mapping of Flowise to Langfuse

The integration automatically maps the following fields from Flowise to Langfuse:

FlowiseLangfuseNotesRequired version
chatIduserIdThe chatId represents an individual user in Langfuse.Flowise 1.4.3 (opens in a new tab)

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